Burn Center Treatment and Procedures

Burn Care, from Incident to Recovery


Many burns heal on their own, while more serious burns may require surgery and other interventions to promote healing. Your care at the William Randolph Hearst Burn Center may include:

  • Surgery to remove dead skin and graft new skin
  • Hydrotherapy: the use of warm water to clean wounds and remove dead skin
  • Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy to encourage wound healing
  • Continuous wound care as you heal to reduce infection and promote healing

Our unit features oversized, single patient rooms to accommodate specialized equipment. Your care may begin in the hospital and continue on an outpatient basis.


We treat adults with burns individually or in group sessions, including exercise groups, support groups, and cooking groups. We treat children individually. Your burn rehabilitation treatment may include:

  • Therapeutic exercise and manual techniques to restore your flexibility and function
  • Splinting and management of scars
  • Therapy to improve your ability to perform activities of daily living (such as self-care)  and your mobility
  • Computerized imaging, using target controlled infusion (TCI) to deliver pain medication intravenously
  • Custom-made, transparent face masks
  • Nontraditional therapies (such as tai chi and yoga)
  • Virtual reality and interactive gaming technologies to help you regain function and mobility

Support Groups

We offer these specialized groups and programs to support recovery:

  • Adult Burn Survivor Group: This group meets on the first Monday of each month from 5:30 - 6:30pm at the Burn Center. If the meeting falls on a holiday, the group meets the following week. For more information, please call the Burn Rehabilitation Office at 212-746-1573.
  • Parents of Children with Burns:  Our parent support group meets weekly on Wednesdays from 1:30 - 2:30pm in the Burn Center. Parents/caregivers of children who have suffered a burn injury and are hospitalized at the Burn Center are invited to attend. For more information, please call the Firefighter Jeff Giordano Children's Playroom at 212-746-4210.
  • Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery (S.O.A.R.©): This volunteer, peer-based support program assists burn survivors and their family members with issues related to burn recovery. The program is offered free of charge. Sessions are scheduled as needed and coordinated by our rehabilitation therapy staff. For more information, please call the Burn Rehabilitation Office at 212-746-1573.



William Randolph Hearst Burn Center
NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell

525 East 68th Street
Greenberg Pavilion, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10021

For appointments:

Email: burncenter@nyp.org

For burn emergencies:

1-888-NYH-BURN (694-2876) or 212-746-0328