Surgery for Cancer

Certified by the Commission on Cancer, NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital provides a multifaceted approach to treating cancer that may include radiation, chemotherapy, and/or surgery as necessary depending on the individual needs and choices of each patient.

NYPBMH patients have access to some of the most advanced surgical techniques available today, which have application in the following areas:

Experts in plastic and reconstructive surgery are also available to provide these services after mastectomy and other procedures that affect appearance or function. Patients recover from cancer surgery on our dedicated surgical and oncology units, where specially trained nurses and technicians offer the attention and care needed during the post-surgical period. Patient education and referrals to support groups and other services are routinely given to patients on the unit by the oncology nurses.

Learn about non-surgical treatments for cancer.


For more information on surgery for cancer, please call 718-780-3288.

For the Advanced and Minimally Invasive Surgery program, call 718-499-2273.

For the Cancer Care program, call 718-499-2273.