Gynecologic Cancer

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital offers state-of-the-art service in surgery, chemotherapy, interventional radiology procedures and radiation therapy.

Many reproductive organ cancers involve surgery, both to diagnose and treat the illness. If surgery is needed, patients may be offered the option of laparoscopic surgery. This technique can be used for select cases of early uterine cancers, ovarian tumors and others.

For women's who have undergone surgery for ovarian cancer and other conditions, we offer peritoneal chemotherapy. The therapy is designed for women with a small amount of cancerous tissue still remaining after initial surgery. After surgery, the chemotherapy drugs are used to coat the remaining tumor cells, like a wash, resulting in the elimination of any remaining cancerous cells. Intraperitoneal chemotherapy is the latest and most preferred chemotherapy treatment for many women living with ovarian cancer because of its effectiveness.

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