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Patient Stories

Chris Conroy

Chris Conroy

“The diagnosis was startling news to hear, but … it was a relief that I had answers.”

Karin Satrom

Karin Satrom

“I am so thankful that I received a quick, accurate diagnosis. This is not a common condition — things could have turned out very differently for me.”

Martha Williams

Martha Williams

“My son wanted me to go to a large cancer hospital in Manhattan, but I was so confident of what my doctor said and I convinced my son that it is the right decision. I never regretted that decision.”

Nathan and Joann


“It was so nice to have a local hospital that can provide such high level care.”

Raymond Morales

Raymond Morales

“I'm still amazed that I am alive. Dr. Worku saved my life. I’m thankful that he was at the hospital that day.”

Trenia Hill

Trenia Hill

“Dr. Gudavalli explained everything to me. Even though it was medical terms, I understood because she gave me step-by-step explanations.”