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The hospital that Brooklyn babies prefer delivered three times the joy to Trenia. Our Department of Maternal-Child Health offers comprehensive prenatal care to families throughout the borough, delivering nearly 5,500 babies each year. Our team of highly trained obstetricians, including maternal-fetal medicine specialists, perform a range of sophisticated prenatal tests to help manage the pregnancy and plan for a delivery that best meets the needs of each mother and baby. If necessary, we work closely with our neonatologists and pediatric subspecialists to devise a treatment plan. Our services are designed to provide patients with a family-centered birth experience in a warm, friendly and safe environment. When it’s time for delivery, the entire birth process – labor, delivery and recovery – takes place in a single area that accommodates family members along with your clinical team. Following recovery, parents and their baby are transferred to the mother/baby unit, which allows for parents to keep their newborns at the bedside throughout the hospital stay.

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