Quality & Outcomes

At NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital we always aim to achieve the best outcomes for each patient. The strengths of our care are due, in no small part, to our affiliation with two premier medical schools that combine innovative research with world-renowned clinical leadership. We are particularly proud that our cardiovascular outcomes currently exceed the national averages.

Reports by Service Line

Below are published reports across various service lines, which we will update as new ones become available. These reports showcase how NewYork-Presbyterian is helping advance treatments for a wide range of diseases and conditions through selected research projects, clinical trials, outcomes and other data, and case studies.

NIH Funding

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons NIH funding: $253 million (FY2014)

Weill Cornell Medicine NIH funding: $120.4 million (FY2016)

NewYork-Presbyterian At A Glance

2017 Outpatient Statistics

Emergency visits 288,431
ED admits 69,252
Ambulatory surgeries 91,282
Cardiac Cath 11,833
Other Outpatient visits 1,770,506
Total outpatient visits: 2,162,052

2017 Inpatient Statistics

Certified beds 2,527
Bassinets 135
Total including bassinets 2,662
Staffed beds 2,338
Discharges 126,179
Inpatient days 786,330
Deliveries 15,370
Attendings 5,062
Residents & Fellows 2,083