Amazing Things

Tina & Jenna's Story

Halfway through her pregnancy, Tina was told her baby girl would be born with only half a heart – and wouldn’t survive long after birth. So when Jenna was born, Tina and her husband brought her to the care of Dr. Allison B. Levy and Dr. Emile Bacha at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. There, they began a complex set of surgeries to enable the one pumping chamber of Jenna’s heart to work like the two chambers of a normal heart. That kept her going till she was four; and then Tina and Dr. Warren A. Zuckerman had to prepare Jenna for a heart transplant. There were several complications. But Jenna was as resilient as her mom was hopeful. In fact, just five months after the transplant, Tina dropped her little girl off to start kindergarten.