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Youth Support: Anti-Bullying Campaign

American schools are noting the importance of incorporating anti-bullying promotion and prevention services, especially given the rise in internet communication and cyberbullying. Youth involved in traditional bullying or cyberbullying (both offender and person targeted) exhibited more suicidal thoughts and likelihood to attempt suicide compared to other forms of peer aggression.

However, promoting pro-social behavior and a sense of community, even in the absence of bullying, further serves to develop a child’s social-emotional development. This is why T2U strives to promote pro-social behaviors and initiatives that foster a safe environment for learning and social/emotional development.

Anti-bullying Poster Challenge


To heighten the school community’s awareness on how to identify, address, and report bullying and enhance pro-social engagement.



    • Increase students’ understanding of what is bullying, how to address it, and prevent it
    • With the help of the student government, we engage students in monthly anti-bullying/pro-social activities (rallies, poster/essay contests, classroom team building activities)

    School Personnel

      • Enhance staff’s strategies in preventing, reducing, and addressing bullying
      • Enhance and support evidence-based anti-bullying policies and procedures in the schools


        • Enhance parental strategies to deter youth from engaging in bullying behaviors
        • Enhance parental strategies to empower youth to stand up to bullies and report it
        • Increase familiarity with the school’s anti-bullying policies and resources
        • Enhance parental strategies in encouraging pro-social engagement in school, home and community (i.e., volunteering in school/community)


        We deliver in-class workshops followed by monthly activities to provide student engagement, flexible means of meeting individual classroom needs, and content reinforcement. To better deter students from engaging in bullying behaviors, we emphasize understanding the root causes of bullying and move away from punitive approaches to address it.

        • Provide interactive in-class workshops
        • Mentor members of student government so they can implement anti-bullying activities monthly
        • Support anti-bullying school-based rallies throughout the academic year


        “The way I use pride to take a stand against bullying is by respect and standing up for others who have been bullied and gone through this process.”
        5th grader in Student Government

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