Youth Support

Our Kids

We engage all students in wellness initiatives designed to promote academic and social success through school-wide assemblies, in-class workshops, and peer-led campaigns.

In-School Services for students include:

  • Healthy lifestyle initiatives that promote academic success & well-being
  • Mind/Body exercises aimed to heighten concentration and stress management skills for an optimal classroom performance & well-being
  • Anti-bullying campaigns
  • Test-readiness strategies to reduce test-taking anxiety
  • Screening for mental health symptoms and providing mental health referrals and linkages as needed
  • On-going communication with school staff and parents to better support students' needs
  • Monitoring and strengthening targeted students’ classroom compliance
  • A 10-week mentorship group for targeted students aimed to boost healthy-lifestyle practices, problem solving skills, goal-setting and leadership skills

After-school Services for students include:

  • Basketball and Baseball Sports Youth Development Leagues emphasizing healthy lifestyle practices and social/emotional development
  • CARING at Columbia- a partner program that helps children cope with stress, express their feelings, and strengthen important bonds through creative art and play


Evelyn Montañez, Ph.D. LCSW
Program Manager