Research And Academic Achievements

Dr. Montañez is commencing the manual publication process to facilitate a documented approach to developing and implementing school-based mental health promotion and prevention programming, so that the program can be replicated and improved for years to come.

Study # 1: As published in Feb. 2015’s Children & Schools Journal, results indicated:

  • Improved classroom/social performance
  • Improved attendance & State exam scores

Further data not yet published includes decreased suspensions and unscheduled guidance counselor visits.

Study #2: In a study currently being submitted for publication (2011-2013) reports indicated:

  • Decreased mental health symptoms (i.e. anxiety, disruptive behaviors), especially for those with the highest level of symptoms reported as per a mental health symptoms screening measure completed by teachers.

Study #3: Preliminary findings of a study (2015-16) examining school personnel’s Mental Health Literacy pre-post intervention is also intended to be submitted for publication.

The data in our intervention schools when compared to our wait-list school shows an increase in:

  • Familiarity with referring students with mental health needs
  • Knowledge of mental health disorders
  • Self-efficacy in addressing challenging behaviors in the classrooms
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Evelyn Montañez, Ph.D. LCSW