Sustainability Committee Leadership

NewYork-Presbyterian has established Sustainability Leadership Committees at all six campuses in order to identify and pursue opportunities to reduce the hospital’s environmental impact. These committees include leadership from across the hospital including Administration, Operations, Nursing, Perioperative Services, Support Services, Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety, Government and Community Affairs. The Sustainability Council sets goals across key areas to reduce waste, conserve energy, and minimize the organization's overall environmental footprint. These committee members drive our green efforts serving as liaisons between the committee and their respective departments.

Monika Sheikh

Monika Sheikh
Sustainability & Program Manager, Support Services
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Executive Sponsors

Kevin Curtain

New York-Presbyterian The Allen Hospital
Kevin Curtain, Vice President, Operations

Kurt Strauss

New York-Presbyterian / Columbia University Medical Center
Kurt Strauss, Vice President, Support Services, West Campus

Steve Herrmann

New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital
Steve Herrmann, Vice President, Operations

Mila Henn

New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center
Mila Henn, Vice President, Support Services, East Campus