Transplant Services

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital provides unsurpassed care to patients requiring transplantation of organs such as heart, lung, liver, kidney, and pancreas. Expert surgeons at the NewYork-Presbyterian Transplantation Institute conduct a full range of organ transplantation surgeries on an almost daily basis.

This web site contains detailed information on each type of organ transplant, including the living donor transplants now often utilized for kidney and liver. With these, a single kidney or portion of a liver is removed from a living donor and transplanted into a recipient. In living donor liver transplants, the partial liver in both donor and recipient grows to normal size. In kidney transplants, the donors' remaining kidney strengthens to compensate for the kidney that he or she donated.

The site also contains information on becoming an organ donor and how the process of organ donation works. Donor organs are always in short supply, especially in metropolitan areas such as New York City, so becoming an organ donor truly is offering a gift of life to someone who might not survive without it.


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Weill Cornell Medical Center

Transplantation Surgery
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