Comprehensive Spine Care, from Diagnosis to Recovery

The treatment of disorders of the neck and spine requires an integrated approach uniting the expertise of doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and other members of the healthcare team. From skull to sacrum, the NewYork-Presbyterian and ColumbiaDoctors comprehensive spine health initiative, including The Spine Hospital at NYP/Allen and NewYork-Presbyterian/The Spine Center at the Neurological Institute of New York — provides comprehensive and coordinated spine care and treatment for spinal conditions, from the most common arthritic and degenerative spine disorders to the rarest and most difficult-to-treat spinal deformities. Our innovative care is available to meet the needs of adults and children from our region, the United States, and abroad. Our team's shared goal is to restore mobility and function, significantly improving quality of life wherever possible.

Our approach to care of the spine is a personalized one. We carefully assess your function and symptoms and create a care plan to meet your needs — from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. Our care features:

The Spine Hospital team is also conducting innovative spine research to improve the care of spinal disorders not only among our patients, but around the world.