Lifeline Program

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital's Lifeline Program is a home emergency response service designed to help people remain in their homes while providing them with access to emergency assistance 24 hours a day. By pressing a waterproof button, usually worn around the neck, one is able to alert New York Presbyterian Hospital's paramedic team when help is needed. Our paramedic staff will call the home and through voice-to-voice communicator, determine what help is needed, and if necessary, send an ambulance or other assistance.

Lifeline is a fee-for-service program of HealthOutreach, an older adult membership program of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital located at 420 East 76th Street. For individuals who wish to join our Lifeline Program, the costs are:
  • A one time installation fee of $75.00
  • $40.00 per month for monitoring service and equipment rental.
For further information, please call Laura Clutz, LMSW (212) 746-6479. or Karen Graziano , LCSW at (212) 746-4663.

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