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The Department of Pastoral Care & Education consists of a staff of chaplains, chaplain residents and interns, all of whom represent different faith communities. We ensure a spiritual component in the totality of patient care and services by providing professional religious services and pastoral consultation to patients, families and staff.

The chaplains provide a variety of resources and services that include but are not limited to:

  1. Visiting patients and family members, on a regular basis.
  2. Consulting with staff.
  3. Responding to special requests and referrals for pastoral care and counseling.
  4. Performing memorial services and religious rites for patients, families and staff.
  5. Conducting faith specific religious services.
  6. Distributing appropriate faith specific religious literature.
  7. Administering religious rituals as requested.
  8. Providing bereavement counseling for patients, families and staff.
  9. Offering Clinical Pastoral Education, field education and other training in hospital ministry for clergy, seminarians and selected laypersons.
  10. To read more about Pastoral Care at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital click here (PDF format).

Mission Statement

The Department of Pastoral Care & Education is dedicated to providing and promoting spiritual care, support and hope for patients, families and staff.

We commit ourselves to this mission by:

  1. Attending to the spiritual and emotional needs of those we serve.
  2. Educating about pastoral care in a health-care setting through clinical pastoral education.
  3. Maintaining active links to various religious communities and educational centers.
  4. Teaching, writing and doing research in the field of pastoral care, ministry and spiritual-cultural diversity.
  5. Serving as a resource in medical education.
  6. Helping foster a caring presence throughout the Hospital.


Pastoral Care & Education
Columbia & Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital
Tel.: (212) 305-5817
Pastoral Care & Education
Allen Hospital
Tel.: (212) 932-5310
Pastoral Care & Education
Weill Cornell
Tel.: (212) 746-6971
Pastoral Care & Education
Tel.: (914) 997-5999

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