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Women at Risk Program

The following Women At Risk programs are available within NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center:

  • Patient Navigation: Patient navigators meet with newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, helping them navigate treatment and recovery. They can help with services such as pre- and post-operative instructions, support groups, wig shops, insurance questions, and more. CONTACT: Nancy Singleton at or (212) 342-0297, or for bilingual (English/Spanish) support, Jenny Saldaña at or (212) 305-9894.
  • Support Groups: Breast cancer support groups in both English and Spanish are free and open to the public. CONTACT: For English, Nancy Singleton at or (212) 342-0297. For Spanish, Jenny Saldaña at or (212) 305-9894.
  • Resource Library: The Women At Risk Stacey Garil Womack Resource Library provides information and support to breast cancer patients at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center. CONTACT: Jenny Saldaña at or (212) 305-9894.
  • High Risk Program: Women looking for resources and treatment related to managing breast cancer risk should contact The Clinical Breast Cancer Prevention Program at Columbia University. The program provides coordinated care to high-risk women, including services such as screening with breast imaging, genetic testing, risk-reducing surgeries, chemoprevention, and counseling for lifestyle modification. CONTACT: To schedule a prevention consultation, call (212) 305-5098 or email
  • Donate, Questions: If you are interested in making a donation or would like additional information on these programs, please contact Tamiko B. Collier at (212) 342-0954 or or Allison Blum Yessin at (212) 342-0984.

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