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Ambulatory Care Network Community Programs

Outreach Program


The Ambulatory Care Network (ACN)-Outreach Program’s mission is to promote health and disease prevention by engaging in educational and screening activities that provide benefits of early detection and intervention; and to ensure that people in the community have a reliable source of medical care.


To engage in educational and screening activities that creates opportunities to collaborate, dialogue and network to determine community needs.


The quality of life outcomes improve with the early detection of potentially life threatening illness, and the provision of necessary referrals for medical intervention and appropriate follow-up.

Health Outreach activities may include:

  • Health Screenings (through collaborative partnerships)
    • Blood pressure
    • Cholesterol
    • Glucose
    • Height & weight
    • Body Mass Index
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Glaucoma
    • Prostate Cancer (DRE-PSA)
    • HIV rapid testing
    • Foot Podiatrist
    • Colorectal Cancer home collection packets
    • Breast Cancer mammography
  • Health Education & Counseling
  • Insurance eligibility/enrollment
  • Health Education - informational tabling
  • Workshops
  • Influenza vaccination



Health Events

Youth Track and Field and Wellness

NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, the ACN—Outreach Program, the New York Road Runner Foundation, and the Amory Foundation once again teamed up for an all day track and field competition and health outreach event. Held at the New Balance Track and Field Center at the Amory, the Jamboree addressed the city's tremendous need to educate children and parents about exercise, wellness and preventative health, while providing an engaging fun outlet for youth of all size, shape and athleticism.

Taxi Driver Health Fair
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In an effort to improve the health of Taxi drivers in the Washington Heights/Inwood Community, Ambulatory Care Network Outreach Program hosts an Annual Taxi Driver’s Health Fair every September. Each year over 300 local Taxi drivers attend the health fair and benefit from health screenings, such as blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and body mass index screenings along with health counseling and post-fair telephone follow-up. Other services include HIV testing, vision exams, prostate cancer screenings, and health insurance eligibility and enrollment. Many of the health screenings are done in partnership with other hospital departments.

Health Events for Bodegueros
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Bodegueros (small grocery store owners/ workers) are a population of people who commit long work hours leaving little time to meet health needs and often are uninsured. Maintaining long hours leaves little time for physical activity. Many have no insurance or are under insured, therefore, health care is not attained on a consistent basis.

The ACN-Outreach Program partnered with Jetro's Bronx Food Market to offer general health screenings to the bodegueros as an opportunity to bring awareness to health related problems that could be addressed with education and referrals. Health insurance eligibility screening and enrollment services are also offered.

Domestic Workers Health Fair

Nannies, caregivers and housekeepers are one of the largest groups who work more than 40 hours a week, many of whom do not have access to health care. This event not only provides them with free health screenings such as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose with counseling and post-fair telephone follow-up, it also provides classes on topics such as shaken baby syndrome, CPR, low back pain, household safety and more. Health insurance eligibility and enrollment are also available.

Dunk the JUNK Nutrition Fair

Harlem has been known to have one of the highest rates of Diabetes in New York, estimated at 1 in 6 adults. This event provides the community with the knowledge to make health lifestyle and meal choices. Healthy food samples, exercise and demonstrations on sugar in drinks and reading food labels are just part of the information provided to the community. In addition free health screenings which include but are not exclusive to blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and Oral care.

In addition, the ACN Outreach Program helps to support Community Organization health events near you:
Community League of the Heights Annual Health Fair
Family Day –Jefferson Houses
National Night Out Against Crime 23rd Pct
National Night Out Against Crime 33rd Pct


Monica Hidalgo
Monica Hidalgo
Manager, ACN Outreach and Marketing
Kathy Olivo
Kathy Olivo
Outreach Coordinator, Washington Heights/Inwood/Bronx
Deborah Acevedo
Deborah Acevedo
Nurse Coordinator

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