Neonatal Comfort Care Program

Why a Neonatal Comfort Care Program?

NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital is home to one of the nation's most renowned neonatal intensive care units (NICU), staffed with specialists who provide critical care to newborns to help them get better. Some infants, however, are affected by life-limiting conditions or terminal illnesses. Through our Neonatal Comfort Care Program, we provide all of the care these babies need to have their basic needs satisfied during their short lives, in an environment that is compassionate, warm, and loving. We believe that no matter how brief, each baby's life is precious and needs to be welcomed and cherished. We understand how very difficult this time is for families, and we are there to provide support during this journey.

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The Neonatal Comfort Care Program is available to you when there are no medical and surgical treatments available to help your baby recover. Our multidisciplinary team will support you and your family while alleviating your child's suffering and improving the quality of his or her life.  

Our Services

The Neonatal Comfort Care Team offers a plan of care to provide a comfortable and loving environment to your infant, without the intent of shortening or prolonging his or her natural life. Services include counseling and education before your child's birth, followed by medical and supportive care after delivery.

Prenatal counseling includes meeting with the program Medical Director/Neonatologist to discuss your baby's future and to learn more about medical care after birth, including a Comfort Care Plan, if appropriate, to address his or her needs. If you consider a Comfort Care plan for your baby, you can meet with the program's Clinical Care Coordinator, who will introduce you to the multidisciplinary Neonatal Comfort Care Team, to learn more about available resources. Moreover, you can discuss the delivery plan and the care of your baby after delivery.  

After your child is born, he or she will need family/baby bonding, warmth, nutrition and hydration, and relief of any pain or discomfort. You can choose to have your baby room-in with you while you are in the postpartum unit, and then go home with you for hospice care support. Or if you prefer, your baby can be admitted to the NICU for compassionate care, or transferred to a pediatric hospice facility. The choice is yours, and our team supports you to help you make that decision.

Meet the Neonatal Comfort Care Team

The members of the Neonatal Comfort Care Team include:

  • The Clinical Care Coordinator (Frances McCarthy, MS, RNC) will meet with you to explain the program's services to ensure your baby's comfort and support your family. She will also introduce you to the team members.
  • The Medical Director/Neonatologist will meet with you to discuss your baby's condition and plan of care after delivery. She will also facilitate the discussion regarding the management of your pregnancy and delivery plan with your obstetrician.
  • The Social Worker: one of our social workers will meet with you to let you know about available resources to help you celebrate your baby's life and collect memories. Moreover, the social worker will help coordinate your preferences while in the hospital and help connect you with community resources.
  • Child Life: one of our child life specialists will meet with you to provide support to your baby and your family, including sibling support and memory-making.
  • Pastoral Care is available to meet with you to provide spiritual and emotional support for you and your family.


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