The Division of Child Neurology’s clinician-scientists are expanding the understanding of neurological disorders and diseases in infants and children. Their goal is to improve diagnosis, develop new effective therapies, and ultimately to prevent neurological disorders and diseases.

Based at the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Laboratory of Molecular and Developmental Neuroscience at Weill Cornell Medical College, our neurology faculty are focusing on developing and studying animal models of diseases that affect human brain development. Specifically, current research is exploring consequences of intrauterine exposure to drugs, particularly cocaine, on the developing brain.

Other research projects include:

  • radiation-induced necrosis (cell or tissue death) following radiotherapy for brain tumors
  • genetic etiologies of cortical malformation, including microcephaly
  • identification of psychostimulant-induced molecular neuroadaptations underlying the addicted state
  • the efficacy and side effects of new anti-epileptic medications
  • the biology of medulloblastoma to aid in prognosis and development of novel therapies
  • radiation and neuroprotection in the developing brain

Weill Cornell Autism Research Program (WCARP)

The Division of Child Neurology’s clinician-scientists are collaborators in the multidisciplinary Weill Cornell Autism Research Program, which has both a clinical and a basic science component, including an IRB-approved investigational study, to help improve the understanding of the genetic and biochemical basis for autism spectrum disorders. These include:

  • Asperger syndrome
  • autism
  • pervasive developmental disorder
  • other genetic syndromes that cause autistic-like features, such as tuberous sclerosis and Fragile X syndrome

Our goal is to better identify the physical or behavior features demonstrated by patients with autism spectrum disorders in order to have a starting point for looking at contributing genetic factors and, potentially, associated imaging changes. To accomplish this, the WCARP team has embarked on a genetic study of intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders to identify factors linked to these conditions.

For more information or to find out about enrolling in the study, please visit the Weill Cornell Autism Research Program.

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