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  • Mitral regurgitation: This image demonstrates what a "leaky valve" (in this case, mitral) looks like on echocardiography. Note how the color function shows the blood being ejected "backward" into the atrium from the ventricle (rather than out the aorta).
  • Ventricular function: This echocardiogram shows the muscle function ('squeeze') of the heart.
  • Fetal aortic arch: This echocardiogram demonstrates an image obtained during a fetal echocardiogram. Here is the aorta, as it arises from the heart, and provides the origin of the arteries to the head, upper extremities and lower body.
  • Four-chamber view: This is the echocardiographic equivalent of the MRI "four chamber view" in which both left and right atria and ventricles are shown.

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