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The Division of Medical Genetics offers comprehensive programs in the following areas:

Prenatal Genetics

The Prenatal Genetics team works seamlessly with obstetricians, maternal-fetal medicine subspecialists and perinatologists to provide services for families who are concerned about their genetic status, particularly if they are contemplating a pregnancy. For women planning a pregnancy, we offer reproductive options for having healthy children including prenatal diagnosis and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we provide high quality, comprehensive diagnostic treatment and laboratory services to patients and families with or at risk for genetic problems and/or birth defects.

Preconception counseling and testing The aim of this type of consultation is to assess and inform couples about their prognosis for having healthy children as well as children with genetic problems or birth defects prior to conception.

Carrier testing The purpose of carrier screening is to identify individuals who are themselves healthy but are at risk for having children with a variety of genetic disorders. Carrier tests are available for many but not all genetic disorders. These tests are also offered with appropriate counseling on a case-by-case basis.

Prenatal genetic screening and diagnostic tests Genetic counseling provides information to patients about their options regarding genetic testing and screening prior to and/or during pregnancy so that each individual or couple can choose what is appropriate for their needs.

Genetic counseling Trained medical genetics personnel inform patients and their families about all aspects of medical genetic problems, including recurrence risks. Information is provided with appropriate psychosocial support in a sensitive manner so that the affected individuals can understand and come to terms with the nature and consequences of the disorder.

Pediatric Genetics

The Division of Medical Genetics also offers ongoing care for patients with genetic conditions, coordinate their multidisciplinary care, and help them access resources related to their condition. Our team treats genetic conditions with bone marrow, liver, or cardiac transplant, enzyme replacement therapy, and diet modification for certain metabolic disorders. Clinical coordinators assist children with rare genetic disorders who require multiple subspecialists. When appropriate, we identify research studies for which patients may qualify to understand their condition better or provide additional therapeutic options.

Clinical genetic services These services are concerned with the diagnosis and management of the medical, social, and psychosocial aspects of hereditary disease and birth defects. The goal is to make a correct diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment. This includes helping the individual and his or her family to better understand and come to terms with the nature and the consequences of the disorder. We also provide guidance for facilitating the exchange of information between other family members so that they can be informed of their risks as needed.

Newborn screening All newborns are screened for a variety of genetic diseases that can be prevented or improved by early treatment. Medical genetics personnel facilitate the exchange of information about the results of these tests with parents/families for infants born in our center.

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