Emergency Care 

When to Bring Your Child to the Emergency Department

Call 911 immediately if your child has lost consciousness, if their mental status is altered, or if the child is lethargic or vomiting severely.

If you child has an open wound that is longer than an inch, or if the wound is deep, a trip to the emergency room is recommended so the injury may be properly cleaned and, if necessary, closed with Steri strips, glued if the edges meet cleanly, or stitched.

In general, parents should first contact their pediatrician, who will often direct them to go to the nearest Emergency Department. If you think your child’s condition is serious, you should seek immediate medical attention.

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Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
525 E. 68th Street
New York, NY 10065

Main Emergency Department Number
(212) 746-3300

Emergency Referrals and Transport/Critical Care Transport
(212) 746-1111 or (212) 746-0308

Neonatal Transport
(212) 746-0318

Other In-Patient Referral
(212) 746-1111 or (212) 746-0308

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