Center for Pediatric Transplant and Advanced Kidney and Urologic Diseases 


The Kidney Transplant Program of NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell, in collaboration with The Rogosin Institute, is at the forefront of research into advanced kidney disease, urologic disease, and kidney transplantation. Researchers strive to improve the care of patients needing transplant, as well as the outcomes of transplant, through collaborative research that includes:

  • Evaluating steroid-free regimens for selected patients
  • Utilization of a new non-invasive urine test to diagnose rejection
  • Developing new combinations of drugs to reduce rejections

In addition, individually led research projects are investigating:

  • Vitamin D deficiencies in children with kidney disease
  • New strategies for post-transplant management
  • Delayed graft function and acute rejection rates after extended-criteria deceased donor renal transplantation
  • Impact of ethnicity, transplant type, immunologic risk, and other factors on outcomes under steroid-sparing immunosuppression
  • Growth hormone therapy for children with kidney failure
  • Body composition of children with kidney failure
  • High blood pressure treatment in children
  • Management of anemia in chronic kidney disease
  • Novel therapy for membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis.
  • Mechanisms of progression of kidney disease and probable prevention of progression with different medications
  • Renal function reserve in different glomerulopathies and in offspring of hypertensive parents
  • Steroid-responsive nephrotic-syndrome

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