Monitoring Your Child 


Let your child’s doctor and nurse know if your child has any allergies, especially to medications and food, and/or to other substances.

Hourly Rounding

A member of your child’s care team will come to your child’s bedside every hour or so to make sure that your child is comfortable and to see if he or she is in need of anything. The staff member will ask about pain level, whether your child needs to use the bathroom, and answer any questions you may have. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your child’s stay more comfortable.

Managing Your Child’s Pain

Managing pain is important and may help your child get better faster. Walking, deep breathing, and physical therapy are easier if your child has less pain. You should always let your child’s health care team and primary nurse know if your child is feeling pain. Your child’s health care team will ask your child to describe his or her pain and pain level. Your child may be asked to rate his or her pain on a scale of “0 to 10” or to choose a “face” on a scale that indicates the level of pain. This will also help your child’s health care team determine if treatment or medication should be changed. If you feel your child’s pain is not adequately relieved, tell his or her nurse immediately.

The Hospital has specially trained Pain Resource Nurses who provide support to your child’s health care team and who will consult with you on any pain management concerns or issues. This will help us meet your child’s pain management needs and keep your child comfortable throughout his or her hospitalization.

Rapid Response Team

A Rapid Response Team is a special Hospital team that can be called by your child’s nurse if your child’s condition changes quickly. The Rapid Response Team is made up of at least two of the following professionals: critical care nurse, doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, and respiratory therapist. The Rapid Response Team works closely with your child’s primary doctor and nurse to provide care. The team can be called any time of the day or night. If you have any questions about the Rapid Response Team, please talk to your child’s nurse or doctor.

Online Personal Health Record:

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is pleased to offer, a free online service for management of personal and family health records that puts you in charge of your child’s health information and offers you the ability to consolidate and organize significant amounts of health information in a private account. You can access your child’s information wherever and whenever needed and can easily share information with clinicians, trusted family members, and other caregivers.

With, you can create your child’s own electronic health record and store as much or as little health information as you wish in one convenient place online. This includes medical conditions and history, medications, surgery reports, lab results and test reports, immunization records, Hospital discharge instructions, doctor and insurance information, and emergency contacts.

NewYork-Presbyterian cares about patient privacy. Therefore, was developed in collaboration with Microsoft® and uses Microsoft® HealthVault™ — a privacy and security-enhanced online service — to store patient information. Once stored, information can only be accessed and shared by you or with your permission.

In addition, online tools offered by can help you manage health and wellness. “My Health Explained” helps you better understand treatments, tests, and procedures used to diagnose and treat your child’s condition. “My Health Tools” includes useful tools to help you manage your child’s chronic conditions such as diabetes; keep track of his or her weight, monitor diet, and chart progress; and prepare for emergencies.

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