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Our Initiatives and Programs

At the first meeting of each operating year in September, the Family Advisory Council identifies initiatives and programs that align with the Family Advisory Council’s mission of promoting family-centered care and improving the level of care and services to pediatric patients and their families. The FAC reviews and votes on the initiatives the workgroups will pursue in the coming operating year. Among the FAC’s many initiatives are:

Family Education Workgroup

A child's stay in the hospital often leaves parents feeling scared and helpless. Parents want to understand the medical care their child is receiving and want to be assured their child is receiving the best care possible. The Family Education Workgroup is helping patients’ families and Hospital staff to communicate more effectively to improve a patient’s care and stay at the Hospital. The Family Education Workgroup is identifying ways to: a) orient family members to the unit and Hospital with written and verbal communication tools, b) educate new and current Hospital staff members on how to interact with families and patients, c) improve communication tools between Hospital caregivers and families and, d) revise preoperative procedures for outpatient surgeries.

Accomplishments of this workgroup include:

  • Development of Tip Sheets for Parents on breastfeeding, the NICU, and the first 24 hours of hospitalization; Falls Prevention; the Pediatric Emergency Service

Goals include:

  • Developing a video for Family-Centered Rounds
Family Experience Workgroup

A child's stay in the hospital is often a very stressful and difficult time for a child's family and loved ones. The Family Experience Workgroup is committed to creating a pleasant environment for patients and their loved ones. Family Experience group members work together to identify ways to improve and expand the infrastructure and recreational services currently offered to pediatric patients and their families at the Hospital.

Accomplishments of this workgroup include:

  • Distribution of gifts during Halloween and the December holidays
  • Participation in the Thanksgiving festivities hosted by Child Life
  • Engaging local school children to create cards for pediatric patients for each of the holidays
  • Purchasing screens for quiet rooms and additional magazine racks
  • Assist in celebrating holidays for patients and their families
  • Offering massages on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for parents who have children in each unit

Goals include:

  • Making improvements to the common areas in the Burn Center
  • Creating signage for the quiet room off the fishbowl lounge
Family Support Workgroup

Families sharing their experiences can help guide other families through a tumultuous and traumatic time. The Family Support Work Group is committed to identifying ways to provide support to families and to systematically manage that support. Family Support is focused on three areas: the development of a resource center for families, the creation of a parent-to-parent directory, and the development of a mentoring program so that current families can turn to families who have "graduated" from the hospital.

Accomplishments of this work group include:

  • Sponsored 12 luncheons for NICU and 12 luncheons for PICU families
  • Launched a series of workshops for families on topics that included: Gentle Touch, Panel Q&A, Feeding Your Infant in the NICU, and Music Therapy

Goals include:

  • Developing a Parent-to-Parent Mentorship Program/Parent to Parent Directory
  • Creating a Teen Support Group
  • Organizing craft workshops, such as learning to knit or paint, for parents to help them relax
  • Developing a program on meditation/relaxation techniques
  • Preparing and distributing “goody bags” to parents with such items as crossword puzzles, magazines, water, and a snack
Recruitment Committee

A Recruitment Committee has been established to oversee the recruitment process and all recruitment efforts for the Family Advisory Council. Responsibilities include recruiting new members in various ways such as via mailings, on-site recruitment programs, and weekly tea parties.

Family Faculty Program

The overall goal of the Family Faculty Program is to promote a family-centered care approach to healthcare at the Komansky Center for Children’s Health and encourage Hospital staff and family collaboration, communication, and mutual respect.

Launched in 2010, the Family Faculty Program subcommittee creates opportunities for FAC parents to impart their experiences and opinions to new physicians training in pediatrics to help ensure that future healthcare practitioners are sufficiently prepared to integrate the family-centered care approach within their everyday practice. FAC parents have the opportunity to tell their stories to new interns/residents with the goal of helping them learn from the parent/family point of view based on “real life” examples.

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