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March is Child Life Month!

Meet our Child Life Specialists at our information table, which we are hosting in honor of Child Life Month:

Wednesday, March 12, 11am-1pm
Thursday, March 13, 11am-1pm
Friday, March 14, 11am-1pm
Garden Cafe Exit (NYP Cafeteria)

Child Life at the Komansky Center

At the Komansky Center, our Certified Child Life Specialists employ a mix of education, play, therapeutic, and self-expression activities to help children cope with their hospitalization and illness. They also provide information and support to families and advocate for family-centered care and the needs of the hospitalized child.

A certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) is a specially trained professional with a minimum of a Bachelors Degree or a Master's Degree in Child Life, Education, Psychology or other closely related field who has also completed an internship with a minimum of 500 hours under the direct supervision of a CCLS and passed the CCLS certification exam.

Our Child Life Specialists use age-appropriate educational materials so that our young patients can see, feel, hear and touch things with which they will come in contact during a procedure, test, or their hospital stay in order to reduce their fears. A variety of activities for older children and teenagers are available, as well, to normalize their hospital experience.

We encourage you to contact a Child Life Specialist for their expertise in helping patients and families to navigate the following challenges:

  • coping difficulties
  • information about an illness, injury or a new diagnosis
  • preparation for scheduled procedures, tests, or surgeries
  • parents' support and accompaniment during a procedure
  • pain management
  • medication compliance
  • developmental issues
  • sibling issues
  • frequent admissions
  • impending death or death

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