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The Komansky Center Family Advisory Council (FAC) is comprised of no more than 30 parents or adult family members of pediatric patients and select Hospital staff and administration committed to the vision and mission of the FAC.

The Komansky Center FAC meets on the first Monday of every month from September to June to work on various initiatives determined by the FAC. The FAC is led by the Chairperson (a parent) and the Executive Committee is comprised of both parents and Hospital staff and administration.

If you are a parent or adult family member of a pediatric patient and are interested in becoming a member of the Komansky Center Family Advisory Council, please complete the online Membership Application Form below.

The FAC's Administrative Officer will review your application and contact you to arrange an interview. All Komansky Center FAC members are subject to all guidelines and rules governing volunteers at the hospital, including those applying to patient confidentiality.

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We want to build a strong and diverse council. We ask that you share as much information as you would like about your family to help us reach this goal. We recognize the following questions may request private or privileged information about your family. The following information is optional and will be kept confidential. (We are parents, too.) We will only use it for Family Advisory Council Member application purposes.

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  • Please check the different departments that your child has visited at the hospital (please check all that apply).

  • Cardiac
  • Neonatology
  • Psychiatry
    Renal (Kidney related)
  • Other (Please Indicate)
  • What is one of your child’s best hospital stories?
  • What is one of your child’s worst hospital stories?
  • If you were a council member, what changes would you make to fix this problem?
  • Please tell us why you think parents should have a bigger role in decision-making at the hospital.
  • Please tell us anything else about your family that would add to the diversity of the council (religion, race, culture, family structure, etc)
  • How did you hear about us?
  • Flyer or Brochure
  • Physician
  • Hospital staff member
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Hospital Recommendation

We would like to ask a NYP hospital staff member to support your application. Please give us the name of a doctor, nurse, child-life specialist, social worker, or anyone else who knows you.

  • Please note: Council Members are considered volunteers of the hospital. If you are chosen to be a Council Member you will need a medical screening and a background check; both will be done by the hospital’s Volunteer Services Department.

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