A Family Centered Philosophy 

Family-centered care promotes the health and well-being of children and their families through a respectful family-professional partnership. This approach relies on families, physicians, staff, and administrators working together to care for children. Family-centered care honors the strengths, cultures, traditions, and expertise that everyone brings to this relationship. Family involvement in their child’s health care can help foster better health outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

To further promote family-centered care, family-centered rounds are conducted on many units. During family-centered rounds, parents are invited to listen to the health care team discuss their child’s care plan, share any recent observations of their child that concern them, and ask questions about their child’s care. Since there is limited time during rounds, parents can request a meeting with the doctors later in the day to discuss their child’s care plan in more detail. Parents and caregivers should always be a part of the care plan for their child. Even if you do not participate in family-centered rounds, you should ask your child’s nurse about the care plan for the day. If you want to participate in family-centered rounds, let your child’s nurse know each day.

Family Advisory Council

The Komansky Center Family Advisory Council is a group of dedicated parents whose children have been treated here, Hospital staff, and physicians who work together to make the Hospital a better place for children and families and to help improve care. The primary goal of the Family Advisory Council is to promote family-centered care, an approach to health care that respects the central role the family plays in caring for a sick child, both in and out of the Hospital setting.

With family-centered care, doctors, nurses, administrators, and families all collaborate in an environment of trust and respect. Family Advisory Council members are parents and caregivers. They understand that hospitals can be overwhelming. That is why they work closely with Hospital staff to help other families get the information they need to care for their children with confidence and to help ease the stress of having a child in the Hospital.

If you would like to find out more about the Family Advisory Council, call (212) 746-6007.

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