Chef Peter X. Kelly Teaching Kitchen

Chef Peter X. Kelly Teaching Kitchen

A Variety of Cooking Classes and Innovative Programs

NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital’s renowned Chef Peter X. Kelly Teaching Kitchen has been open to the public since July 2014 and is located at 1992 Crompond Road on the hospital’s Cortlandt Manor campus. Named after the Iron Chef winner and owner of Xaviars Restaurant Group, the Teaching Kitchen is part of a larger initiative at the hospital called Harvest for Health aimed at using healthful eating as a way to prevent chronic disease and promote health.

Each month, a variety of cooking demonstration classes are held and range from general cooking instruction to very specific curriculum for diabetics, cancer and heart patients, and breastfeeding moms. To learn more about upcoming classes, click here.

Physician in the Kitchen

Physician in the Kitchen

A unique program in the hospital’s Teaching Kitchen pairs a physician from NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Group Hudson Valley with Chef Emilie Berner. Each month, a physician highlights a health topic and then our chef aligns a cooking class to reflect that topic. Pictured: a lecture on eating for heart health and reducing cholesterol by Dr. Craig Hametz of NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Group Hudson Valley Cardiology, was complemented by a cooking demonstration on the Mediterranean diet. Other recent topics included a flavorful gluten-free diet and eating for bone health.

Young Chefs Program

young chefs program

Developed by NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital, this program at the Teaching Kitchen offers classes for children ages 11-13, from the after-school enrichment program at Peekskill Middle School. A supportive learning environment encourages them to question the impact of their food selection on their bodies and how various factors such as media and culture impact our understanding of health. Students learn the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, and the value of balanced meals. Importantly, students are also taught to help their families recognize the importance of healthy eating. They all receive recipes and instruction on how to incorporate healthy eating techniques into their homes lives.

Healthy Heart Program

young chefs program

This program is held at the Teaching Kitchen and led by our chef, nursing and staff from The Wellness Center, the hospital’s on site exercise facility. Each session includes approximately a dozen people whose history of cardiac disease qualifies them to receive free instruction over a three-month period including diet, lifestyle changes, membership to the Wellness Center and training with a fitness expert. Making health-supportive recipes accessible and easy to prepare is a goal for all instruction. A hospital nurse charts each patient’s weight, blood pressure and BMI.

Integrative Therapies Program for Cancer Patients

Cancer therapies can be associated with debilitating side effects. The promising news is that certain non-pharmacologic interventions have recently been shown to mitigate some of the toxicities of cancer treatment. They may also improve mood and decrease fatigue. Additionally, there is evidence that certain lifestyle changes may decrease the risk of cancer recurrence and may also prevent another cancer from developing.

This unique program gives our cancer patients and their caregivers the opportunity to increase their knowledge and improve their skills to better cope with their illness and its treatments. Held at the hospital’s Teaching Kitchen, it incorporates education and information about advances in the care and treatment of cancer as well as nutrition education, food appreciation activities including healthy cooking and meal planning along with lifestyle programs and relaxation strategies, including yoga and acupressure.

The program is led by Dr. J. Gregory Mears, a Columbia University Medical Center professor who practices at the hospital’s Cheryl R. Lindenbaum Comprehensive Cancer Center. Participants attend four two-hour sessions at no expense. Each session consists of an interactive medical presentation, a healthy cooking lesson that incorporates nutrition education and demonstration, and support in relaxation techniques. The goal is to provide the skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle during and after treatment.

Soups & Sides

Also developed for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital’s Cancer Center, the Soups & Sides series provides nutritional education and tastings. During the season organic produce is harvested from our on-site garden and used in recipes to create samplings. Recipes for the menu item of the day are also distributed. Patients have the opportunity to discuss the nutritional value of food and how it can support their healing. The chef and a registered dietitian are also available to answer patients’ questions.


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