Hospital Development

NewYork-Presbyterian collaborates with organizations on greenfield opportunities to design and develop a hospital from the conceptual phase to the operational phase. We also provide advisory services to develop new facilities within existing institutions. Below is the process we would follow in our collaboration.

In the planning and design phases, NewYork-Presbyterian offers the following services:

  • Capacity Plan Development
  • Business Plan Development
  • Project Development Plan
  • Selection of architects and other necessary contractors

In the design and implementation phases, NewYork-Presbyterian offers the following services:

  • Facility design process with our patient focused model of care
  • Assess patient-flow and workflow to ensure best practice in the facility design
  • Key functional area operational planning and development
  • Manpower planning analysis
  • Nursing training programs and recruitment of nursing leadership positions
  • Operational and clinical training and education

During the operations phase, NewYork-Presbyterian provides ongoing operational support, which could include program review, clinical audits and a potential affiliation relationship.

The following image represents the phases and macro-activities necessary for the development of a new hospital. We look forward to sharing our best practices and offering our expertise and experience to establish a partnership between our institutions.

Phase 1

  • Capacity planning & Business / Project Planning

Phase 2

  • Facility Design & Patientflow / Workflow Analysis
  • Construction and Facility Commissioning
  • Operations Launch and Continuous Improvement

Phase 3

  • Operations Planning and Implementation



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