Education and Training

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NewYork-Presbyterian is affiliated with two Ivy League Medical Schools, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medical College.

NewYork-Presbyterian collaborates with international healthcare organizations interested in developing knowledge and skills in medicine, nursing, allied health and health administration. The programs will assist institutions with improving the quality of care through expanding the number of qualified healthcare professionals. The programs are an integral component of NewYork-Presbyterian’s Global Services department. Below is a list of programs offered and we look forward to discussing other areas of interest.

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List of Programs


NewYork-Presbyterian currently offers ACGME and non-ACGME fellowship programs. Non-ACGME fellowships include some of the most advanced/niche programs. NewYork-Presbyterian is interested in exploring the possibility of having programs performed in the fellow’s home country, in order to allow the fellow to apply for local board certification.

Observership and Specialized Clinical Training (for MD and non-MD)

NewYork-Presbyterian offers specialized medical training on specific protocols and procedures, both through hands on experience and observerships.

Education for Healthcare Providers

NewYork-Presbyterian offers a wide range of education opportunities for nurses, technicians and other health professionals. The opportunities include standard education programs, bridging programs, and ad hoc education programs.

Site Visits

NewYork-Presbyterian can facilitate physicians’ visits to your institution for symposia, and training opportunities.


Explore opportunities to co-sponsor or organize education and public awareness conferences.



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