Gift of Retirement Plan Assets

Using your retirement plans, such as IRAs, Keoghs, 401(k)s and nonqualified deferred compensation, to make a gift to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital can often be an effective estate planning strategy. Retirement plans may be subject to income tax, Federal and state estate taxes, and possibly even excise taxes when plan holders die. These taxes can consume up to 70% of the assets in those plans. This tax bite makes retirement plans one of the worst assets to leave to your family but one of the best gifts to NewYork-Presbyterian. By gifting these funds to the Hospital and directing other assets to your family, you may receive significant tax benefits while helping to ensure the future of the Hospital.

Note: As you consider any charitable gift plan, please consult with your tax or financial advisor to determine the tax/financial implications for you and your family.


Planned Giving

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