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CSS Health Care Team

If you are a patient enrolled in our program you will be assigned a physician and a social worker/case manager who will help you manage your medical, emotional and social needs throughout your illness. Your team also includes our nurses, psychiatrists, nutritionist, home care specialist, chaplain, occupational therapist, support staff and many dedicated volunteers and volunteer lawyers.

Your DOCTOR oversees all of your HIV related and other health care needs. Your doctor will care for you both as an in-patient and an out-patient at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and, if necessary, coordinate your care with other subspecialties.

Your NURSE helps teach you about your illness and treatment. Please call your nurse any time with concerns regarding medications, new symptoms, etc. Remember that lab results are generally not discussed over the phone.

Your SOCIAL WORKER/CASE MANAGER can assist you with both emotional and practical concerns. Social workers provide individual and family counseling, education about HIV, insurance and entitlement information , as well as referrals to community service agencies.

SUPPORT GROUPS offer the opportunity for persons to discuss shared concerns about living with HIV. Coping with illness is easier when you are not coping alone! A variety of groups meet at both clinics. Click here for a listing of support group schedules . See your social worker for a referral.

PSYCHIATRISTS are available to help patients cope with the many stresses faced by HIV positive persons, including feelings of anger, anxiety, and depression. Psychiatric screenings are routine for all new patients.

A NUTRITIONIST can help you with your dietary concerns and basic nutritional guidelines including weight loss, food intolerance, loss of appetite, etc. Please ask a member of your team to arrange a consultation.

An OB/GYN NURSE PRACTITIONER can help women with rountine obstetric and gynecological care.

An OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST can assist patients with better managing daily activities through the use of rehab medicine techniques.

A HOME CARE SPECIALIST arranges help at home for those in need. Services can range from assistance with household chores to skilled nursing services.

A SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR is available for persons of all faith. Our CHAPLAIN discusses spiritual issues and offers pastoral counseling.

VOLUNTEER SERVICES are an integral part of the Center and include in-patient visitors, and clinic volunteers. LEGAL VOLUNTEERS from Sullivan and Cromwell assist with wills, health care proxies, and powers of attorney.

INTERPRETERS are available through NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to help translate in many languages, including American Sign Language. Please let us know in advance if we can arrange an interpreter for you.

For women and families affected by HIV, your care is well coordinated with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital's Pediatric Center for Special Studies and the Ob/Gyn Department's Maternal and Pediatric Program. Special coordinated care is also given to hemophiliacs through our close association with the hospital's Hematology Department.

The New York Presbyterian ADULT METHADONE CLINIC provides treatment to heroin addicted individuals. Admission priority is given to HIV-positive, intravenous and pregnant addicts. Methadone or LAAM are provided as agonist medications for the metabolic aspect of the heroin addiction. Psychotherapy and counseling services are also provided, focusing on the psychosocial issues underlining the patients' addiction history. Health education, medical assessments, stress management/ relapse prevention, and concrete services are also provided within the context of an interdisciplinary team approach.

Please click here for a listing of CSS provider profiles .

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