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Health Insurance and Billing

All patients of the Center for Special Studies are billed on an equal basis. Your social worker is available to assist you with any billing concerns you may have. All patients, including those with Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance are accepted for treatment. Patients with Medicaid and ADAP Plus will be processed by the hospital. Those with health maintenance organization (HMO) plans should consult with the social worker, as many HMO plans require you to stay in their network. Patients with all other forms of insurance or no insurance will be billed directly for services. It is the responsibility of the patient to process their insurance forms and pay the hospital for services.

Types of Health Insurance

  • Medicaid provides medical assistance for certain individuals and families with low incomes and resources. Some services covered through Medicaid include in-patient and out-patient services, physician services, nursing facility services for persons aged 21 or older, family planning services and supplies, and pediatric and family nurse practitioner services.
  • Medicare provides hospital insurance, also known as Part A coverage, and supplementary medical insurance, also known as Part B coverage, for persons aged 65 and older and for certain disabled persons who have insured status under Social security or Railroad Retirement. For more information on Medicare and Medicaid see .
  • ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program) provides free AIDS-related drugs to HIV positive individuals who are uninsured, underinsured, or not eligible for Medicaid. ADAP Plus is a primary care program which pays for most of your out-patient health care needs if you get them from an enrolled provider.

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