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ECMO Patient Story - Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers, his mother, Evelyn, and the medical team that cared for him recall how Kevin's life was saved by ECMO. Kevin developed pneumonia so severe that ECMO was required to keep his body functioning while he recovered.

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Patient Story - Lizzie Asher and Baby Leo

Lizzie Asher was pregnant when she collapsed from large blood clots in her lungs. Her baby was delivered by emergency cesarean section and Lizzie was kept alive by Drs. Daniel Brodie and Matthew Bacchetta and their ECMO machine. ECMO stands for "extracorporeal membrane oxygenation." The machine oxygenates and removes carbon dioxide from the blood; performing the function of lungs and allowing the lungs of an ill person to rest and recover.

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ECMO Patient Story - Nichele Calhoun

Nichele Calhoun, Daniel Brodie, M.D., and Matthew Bacchetta, M.D., recall how Nichele's life was saved by ECMO. Nichele suffered from pulmonary hypertension. Her body began to fail and ECMO was used to keep her alive until lungs became available for a transplant.

ECMO Patient Story - Chris Costa

Chris Costa recalls how his life was saved by ECMO. Chris was injured in a motorcycle accident; his lungs began to fail; and ECMO was used to oxygenate his blood while his body recovered.

Patient Story - Pneumonia and ECMO

Jay Shiland, his wife Elizabeth Maringer, and clinicians at NewYork-Presbyterian recall Mr. Shiland's case. On a skiing vacation, Mr. Shiland developed what is believed to be pneumonia. His condition became grave and doctors employed a developing technique known as ECMO to add oxygen to his blood and allow Mr. Shiland's lungs to rest and recover.

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