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In June of 2001, Turn 2 Us was created as a collaborative effort between Public School 128M of Washington Heights, Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian, and Derek Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation. In 2007, the program expanded to include Public School 4M. Today, the program is administered under NewYork-Presbyterian's Ambulatory Care Network.


Our mission is to enable our youth to internalize healthy lifestyles through a variety of physical and psycho-educational preventive interventions. These interventions are aimed to prevent at-risk behaviors which research indicates may lead to health and mental health related issues, such as early on-set diabetes, obesity, use of drugs or alcohol, truancy and drop out.


  1. Cultivate a culture of physical fitness, good nutrition, and healthy lifestyle behaviors;
  2. Heightened our youth's health consciousness, self-confidence, self-esteem, perseverance and positive decision making processes.

We realize that prevention is vital at an early age, as this will contribute to the future success and development of our children. By working together with the entire PS 128M and PS 4M community we, as a whole, will serve as role models to create a positive message that fosters healthy minds and bodies; leading to healthier lives and success.

Community Partners

Turn 2 Us prides it self in having strong partnerships with an array of community programs ranging from Community Pediatrics of Columbia University, Pediatric Psychiatry Service at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of NewYork-Presbyterian, NYC Department of Education and Health and Mental Hygiene to grass roots community organizations and other health care institutions. Through an ecological model, together we bring needed services to children, families and staff in our partner schools.


Evelyn Montañez, PhD
Program Manager


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