Family PEACE Program

The Family PEACE (Promoting Education, Advocacy, Collaboration and Empowerment) Program (FPP) is dedicated to improving the safety and well-being of mothers and children who have been exposed to violence in their homes. The program seeks to improve the quality of parent-child attachment, provide age-appropriate developmental guidance, re-establish safety for the family, address the psychological impact of exposure to domestic violence, and improve both parent and child capacity for positive self-regulation and conflict-resolution – all in an effort to interrupt the intergenerational transmission of violence and trauma.

FPP offers several evidence-based intervention models to create an integrated treatment program for mothers and children aged zero to twelve (0-12) exposed to trauma. The services provided to families include Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), Kids' Club, Parenting groups, case management and crisis intervention as needed. The Family PEACE Program is one of only a handful of providers in New York City that has the expertise to deliver this specialized evidence-based treatment, CPP, and the only provider of Spanish speaking services in Washington Heights for mothers and their very young children exposed to domestic violence.

An integral component of the FPP includes education and training for the community within the hospital and outpatient clinics. The Program has trained more than 1,300 medical providers and staff about domestic violence and how to effectively screen in the medical setting. The program has also participated in several conferences throughout New York City offering training to employees of Community Based Organizations (CBO), Administration for Children's Services (ACS) and foster care and preventive workers.

In an effort to provide a comprehensive and coordinated response to families exposed to violence, the Family PEACE program works collaboratively with various community and government agencies and participates in community coalitions focused on domestic violence.


The FPP combines several evidence-based intervention models to create an integrated treatment program for non-abusing caregivers and their children.

Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)

A one-year intensive relationship-based, trauma treatment for young children ages zero to six (0-6) and their non-abusing caregivers whose relationship has been impacted as a result of exposure to domestic violence.

Kids Club

A sixteen (16) week group intervention for children six to twelve (7-12) years of age designed to address the impact of exposure to domestic violence. Children learn that they are not alone and are able to share their experiences in a supportive peer environment. Children are supported in exploring difficult post-traumatic feelings or behaviors as well as in learning positive coping strategies for conflict resolution and maintaining healthy relationships.

Kids Club Parenting Group

A sixteen (16) week concurrent group for caregivers of children in the Kids Club group designed to repair, strengthen and improve the parent-child relationship by helping parents to understand their children's experience of witnessing domestic violence. Parents learn to recognize their child's unique feelings and responses, the parent's critical role in the child's adjustment post-trauma, the value of communication with their children about what the family has experienced, as well as behavioral techniques that increase capacity to parent effectively.

Population Served

The Family PEACE Program (FPP) offers culturally and linguistically appropriate services to our client population. Referrals for the program are received from within NYP's Ambulatory Care Network as well as various agencies throughout New York City, such as domestic violence shelters and service agencies, the NY County District Attorney's Office, NYC Child Welfare, Early Childhood Centers, and a wide network of collaborative agencies.

Referral Form

If you are interested in making a referral, please complete our referral form and fax it to (646) 317-5518.


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