Eugenie Kaye

Eugenie has led an interesting though tumultuous life. As a young woman, she was a member of the Czech national swim team and qualified for the 1936 Berlin Olympics with the fastest time – only to be barred from competing by the Nazis because her swim club was a Jewish organization. She escaped Czechoslovakia just before Hitler occupied her country. Sadly, her family was not so fortunate. They all perished in Auschwitz. Years later, Eugenie developed serious health problems due to her failing main heart valve. She learned about the clinical trial being pioneered at NewYork-Presbyterian. After a series of tests, she was accepted into the trial. She recalls, "The phone rang, and the nurse said, ‘This is the NewYork-Presbyterian hospital and I have good news for you – you were accepted into the experimental program.’” At 93, Eugenie is living a full and active life once again. She says, “I take advantage of every day that I possibly can. I write poetry, I paint, I’m working on my memoirs, which I hope to be able to publish soon. Life is great again and thank God for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Dr. Williams’s golden hands – here I am, in full bloom!”