Leni Hsiao

"It was amazing to see all the teams working at once. It was, like, miraculous."

Celeste Fine

"I can't imagine thinking about ending one kid's life to save our other kid's life."

Clark Shannon

"When I was handed the diagnosis, I felt like I'd been given a death sentence."

Jake LaRose

"It took a team of pediatric specialists about 4 months to put Jake back together."

Kieran Holohan

"The other hospitals simply weren't asking the right questions."

Nancy Jarecki

"It was like when a flashbulb goes off in your eyes."

Gabby Mansour

"When I was a baby, my leg had always hurt a lot. I would cry and I would scream because of my leg."

Maddison Wells

"A day I'll never forget."

Daniel Jacobs

"They say 'you play basketball, you play football, you play tennis,' but you can't play boxing. You have to fight."

Mark Brislin

"Our baby had a hole in his diaphragm."

Jean Miller

"The wife would come in every day. You could see she was hurting"

Rob Wiedeman

"I didn't get very far when it just kind of exploded."

Michael Kiernan

"The doors closed and that was it – the lights went out for me."

Evan Levy

“I lost 40 pounds in two months. I couldn’t keep any food down. I couldn’t sleep. I was a wreck. I looked in the mirror, and I looked like a monster.”

Dawn Flemming

“The tumor was just there, taking up space, putting my baby’s life at jeopardy. It was like the enemy. I was upset because this was my baby, it belonged to me. And there was nothing I could do.”

Matt Long

“It took quite a while for the police officers and firemen to get me out from under the bus. But when they did, I was lucky that they made a left turn up First Avenue and took me to NewYork-Presbyterian. The doctors originally told my family that I had less than a five percent chance to live. They didn’t think anyone could withstand this amount of insult to their body.”

P.J. Hermida

“I ripped every part of my jeans from walking around on the rugs on my knees, and then I would walk on all fours, which didn’t work out very well because you couldn’t carry anything around the house. So, I would go into a crab walk.”

Retired Lt. Col. John O'Brien

"I got my Purple Heart for a head injury and a neck injury...a blast injury, a hole in my right retina, and blown-out eardrums...but this injury is just as severe, if not worse than that.... Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn't just affect the mind – it wreaks havoc physically with you."

Danion Jones

"Even though he had the brain tumor, I have good memories of Danion. I have all his videos of his singing and dancing. Danion running up to me and telling me how much he loves me and cares about me, so those are the things I'm going to hold deep in my heart."

Heather McNamara

“The tumor was the size of a baseball. It was wrapped around all my organs, and other hospitals didn’t want to touch it. The only doctor who did was Dr. Kato. He was willing to do the surgery, which I thought was amazing. Nobody wanted to do it, and I just thought it was amazing that he was the only one who would try.”

Joe Tiralosi

“I was in the triage area, and the nurse started to ask me a series of questions. Then I collapsed. Everyone sprang into action. They grabbed for me as I fell on the floor. Dr. Sharma called out that he only wanted the strongest arms and people to work on me. For the next 47 minutes, they never stopped doing those chest compressions.”

Nicole Marquez

“When I woke up, I learned that I fell six stories from the rooftop. I was lying on the ground for eight hours. They took me to NewYork-Presbyterian. My injuries were pretty catastrophic. I had a broken neck, back, pelvis, ribs, as well as a punctured lung. I thank my lucky stars for NewYork-Presbyterian. They really did put Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

Tim Sweeney

“I’m convinced that the only reason why I recovered so quickly, and running a marathon within a year, was because of Dr. Sonett's words of encouragement. I respected and I trusted him so much that when he planted the seed that I could run 26 miles within a year of getting a double-lung transplant, I just knew that I could do it.”

Heather Grondin

“Infant botulism is a very rare illness, it happens maybe to 75 patients a year. They told us later it’s more likely to be struck by lightning, and so most doctors never see this in their whole career.”

Jessica Chipkin

“It was June 6th. That’s what I call my crash day. I was at home in northern New Jersey and nobody else was home. My parents were working, and my younger brother was at school. I woke up, got out of bed, and couldn't stand straight up. I immediately crashed to the floor. I was gasping for air.”

Benjamin Carey

“After I was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm, my whole world was turned upside down. You know, I'm in the middle of building the American dream. I had two children, and another one on the way. My wife was five months pregnant, and now I'm a ticking time bomb.”

Jessa Scott

“So I looked at my Mom and I asked her if I was going to be okay. And she said, ‘This is the best hospital in the world. They’re not going to let anything happen to you.’”

Petra & Megan Gammon

"Essentially, my happy, healthy four-year-old daughter had a time bomb inside of her chest. It had to be removed, and it had to be removed quickly." -- Megan Gammon